our story

We believe a truly great company is formed around quality. The quality of products, quality of customer service, quality of relationships, and the quality of satisfaction. It’s very simple really!! We strive to pay careful attention to each of our customer’s needs, providing them with exceptional products and services.

Aromatherapy Designed for You…means just what it says…it’s designed for YOU! Each person has their own favorite smell. Whether it may be fruit, flowers, clean, or sweet food smells that pushes your “happy” button. Some smells make us feel at peace, while others give us energy. Every aroma that you smell affects everyone differently. This is why we started this company, so YOU could create what you want and not something that a big retail based factory makes in mass quantity. Our products that we produce are made in small batches for customer satisfaction. Color is also customized upon request. If your favorite smell is lavender and you don’t care for the color purple, we can make it whatever color you desire.

a brew for you

Our coffee line was created after learning all the wonderful benefits that coffee has. We call it “A Brew for You”. All products in this line are made with actual recycled coffee. Whether it may be for exfoliating purposes or color and aroma, it is all natural. We continue to expand and develop our product line.

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